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Water Safety DVDs

5 DVD Package
Just Added - The Lifeguard Blindness DVD (CQLB)!

Order all five DVDs for one low price! Includes: The Five Minute Scanning Strategy®; Disappearing Dummies; Shallow Water Blackout; Lifeguard Blindness (CQLB) and The Supervision Myth DVDs.



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Pool Manager's Package
Now includes 3rd edition of The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, 2014!

Order all four DVDs & the Complete Swimming Pool Reference for one low price! Includes: The Five Minute Scanning Strategy®; Disappearing Dummies; ShallowWater Blackout; and The Supervision Myth DVDs as well as the Complete Swimming PoolReference, 2nd ed.

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NEW! The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, 3rd edition

Designed as a single, definitive reference on swimming pool safety and management, this book includes important chapters on first aid, lifeguarding, pool maintenance, as well as a unique hot tub and spa section. This comprehensive book is a valuable resource for all those who own, operate or otherwise work at swimming pools, including swimming pool managers and technicians, university and college instructors, municipal/semi-public pool operators, lifeguards, swim coaches, and private pool owners.

"The pool business is a tough, comprehensive subject and Tom Griffiths has done a masterful job at tackling all the issues."  --Amazon Review

To purchase an e-book version, go to Sagamore Publishing

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The Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool

Designed as a colorful and informative guide to building a swimming pool, this book provides practical information on financial and planning concerns from the beginning of your project all the way to completion.

You'll find checklists and advice to help you with site design, landscape considerations and even the selection of the pool type (vinyl, concrete or fiberglass). The book also discusses basic pool maintenance, general pool maintenance.

"The quality of pictures and settings is second to none...."  --Amazon Review

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Safer Beaches


Safer Beaches

Safer Beaches: Planning, Design, and Operation offers a systematic, practical approach to planning, designing, renovating, and operating all types of beaches. This authoritative reference covers the broad topics that beach managers, lifeguards, administrators, and beach enthusiasts need to know, such as safety for nonswimming beaches and swimming beaches, water quality and beach maintenance, and funding. And it delves into the finer details that will help you balance safety and beachgoers’ enjoyment.

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New! Complex Quadriplex of Lifeguard Blindness

ASRG's new, must-see lifeguard educational DVD. This video illustrates the four most significant challenges for lifeguards - visually and mentally - with never before seen activities and strategies to mitigate these challenges. This 28 min. video can be viewed one section at a time or in one sitting. It's THE video every lifeguard must-see!




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Supervision Myth DVD
The Supervision Myth

After preaching "constant, vigilant supervision" as the number one drowning prevention strategy, the available evidence on the subject suggests that such an objective is nearly impossible to achieve. The Supervision Myth examines the false premise that underlies such a strategy. Although supervision is needed, the DVD details practical and affordable ways to prevent drowning, including supplementing supervision with technology, developing a better design, and ensuring better engineering of aquatic facilities.

Among the topics covered:

  • Constant, vigilant supervision
  • Changing the culture to supplement supervision
  • Body blindness
  • The instinctive drowning response
  • Root cause analysis
  • Effective safety signage
  • Drowning detection/prevention technologies



Outside U.S.
Shallow Water Blackout
Shallow Water Blackout/Genetic Drowning Triggers
Why is it that good swimmers drown in guarded pools? How is it possible that triathletes, swim team members, lifeguards and even Navy Seals drown, particularly in traditional competitive swimming pools? The answer is easy, yet difficult to understand and comprehend.

After years of reviewing medical and scientific research, and interviewing hosts of medical experts to find the answers to the questions above, renowned author and educator, Dr. Tom Griffiths, EdD, discovered that good swimmers don’t drown, but die instead of other medical causes that often do not show up at autopsy.

The Shallow Water Blackout DVD is a comprehensive 30-minute presentation divided into four categories. The recommended viewing for lifeguard training, is to hold separate sessions for each section to maximize learning:

The Shallow Water Blackout DVD is a comprehensive 30-minute presentation divided into four categories: (1) Introduction and definitions, (2) Shallow Water Blackout, (3) Genetic "Drowning" triggers. and (4) Summary and quiz.

This video can help prevent unnecessary deaths in pools, lower liability and better equip lifeguards in responding to sudden deaths. Remember to call a death in your pool, just a death, rather than a drowning, until proved otherwise.

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Disappearing Dummies
Disappearing Dummies

Aquatic safety expert Dr. Tom Griffiths now explains how and why lifeguards have such great difficulty detecting bodies on the bottom of “crystal clear” swimming pools. A must see for all lifeguards, managers, supervisors and parents in water safety. Hundreds of hours of filming in a variety of indoor and outdoor pools were condensed into to a new 10 minute lifeguard training DVD with evidence not found in lifeguard training texts. This training DVD clearly and effectively illustrates the phenomenon of Visual Body Blindness and exemplifies how difficult it is for lifeguards to detect victims once they submerge beneath the surface of the water.

It illustrates and emphasizes how under even the best of water conditions mannequins quickly disappear from sight as soon as the surface becomes disturbed by wind, waves or other swimmers.

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Five Minute Scanning Strategy
Five Minute Scanning Strategy

Based on years of scientific research and studies done with thousands of lifeguards across the world, Tom Griffiths, EdD of Penn State University, has developed a systematic approach to lifeguard surveillance called the Five Minute Scanning Strategy®.

The Five Minute Scanning Strategy® helps lifeguards improve concentration and attention while reducing boredom by changing the mental process every five minutes. The video makes the difficult task of teaching and learning the scanning process much easier and enjoyable. This technique is now required by all 35,000 Ellis Associates lifeguards worldwide.

The success of the Five Minute Scanning Strategy® has even led to the development of a new line of lifeguard chairs by Dr. Griffiths in cooperation with Paragon Aquatics.



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