About Us

Welcome to Aquatic Safety Research Group

“Tom continues to lead the way with aquatic risk management, research and education programs.”

Who Are We

Founded by Dr. Tom Griffiths formerly of Penn State, Aquatic Safety Research Group provides innovative water safety and risk management programs and services to a wide range of clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Our Mission

Aquatic Safety Research Group is dedicated to reducing disability and drowning at aquatic facilities while enhancing the swimming experience, through research and education.

We've Got You Covered

From the East Coast to West Coast, we offer services across country and internationally. Aquatic services include evaluating areas of risk at pools and beaches, educational sessions, aquatic risk management, lifeguarding and more.

Aquatic Safety Services We Provide


Evaluation and Walk-Through

his is our most popular “audit”. Accompany Aquatic Safety Research Group as we walk through your facility identifying strengths and weaknesses in your operation.


Virtual Audits

If requested, Aquatic Safety Research Group can make a virtual visit to your facility and evaluate your staff’s performance, focusing on lifeguard readiness, attentiveness, and if requested, emergency response.


On-Site Safety Audit

During our on-site risk management audits, we will examine areas of your operation for dangerous conditions and practices which might lead to legal exposure.


Aquatic Educational Programs

Aquatic Safety Research Group is dedicated to providing swimming pool operators with the level of training needed to help ensure that all patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience at the pool, beach or waterpark.


Expert Witness Services

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in aquatic safety, including risk assessment, accident investigation, and safety management, and we’re committed to providing unbiased and thorough assessments of any situation.


Training Products

We’ve developed a wide range of products to help individuals and organizations improve their aquatic safety skills and knowledge. Our products are designed to be comprehensive, easy to understand, and accessible, regardless of your level of experience or familiarity with aquatic safety protocols.

Why Choose Us?

Aquatic Safety Research Group was founded by Dr. Tom Griffiths, a renowned expert in aquatic safety and risk management with years of experience and education in the field. 

In addition to Dr. Griffiths, we are proud to have Dr. Rachel Griffiths and Tom Saldarelli on our team. Dr. Rachel Griffiths is a highly regarded expert in aquatic risk management and has worked with a wide range of organizations and facilities to develop and implement effective safety programs. Tom Saldarelli, former President and CEO of Paragon Aquatics, with over 25 years of experience in aquatic safety and risk management.

Tom Griffiths, EdD, is one of the leading experts in the field of aquatic safety. He is founder of the Aquatic Safety Research Group, and served as the Director of Aquatics and Safety Officer for Athletics at Penn State University for nearly 25 years.

He has been involved in all phases of aquatics and water safety for nearly 40 years and has published more than 300 articles.

Rachel Griffiths, DrPH leads research and education at Aquatic Safety Research Group. She also founded Note and Float Life Jacket Fund, donating life jackets to swimming pools in need.

Tom Saldarelli, aquatic industry consultant, has professionally led companies in efficient and effective product and staff development for decades. His diversified expertise includes engineering, policies and administration, finance, new business and systems development, and customer relations. Saldarelli assists streamlining businesses to become leaders in the aquatics industry.

Podcast: The Drowning Files

Each week Aquatic Safety Experts Dr. Rachel Griffiths and Dr. Tom Griffiths will discuss an aquatic lawsuit case they’ve been involved in as experts or news story, with suggestions for parents and caregivers to be safer around the water.