Aquatic Safety Research Group is dedicated to reducing disability and drowning at aquatic facilities while enhancing the swimming experience, through research and education. Founded by Dr. Tom Griffiths and family owned and operated by Rachel Griffiths and Dr. Tom Griffiths, ASRG provides innovative water safety and risk management programs and services throughout the United States and internationally.

We've got the coasts covered! From the East Coast to West Coast, we offer services across country and internationally. Aquatic services include evaluating areas of risk at pools and beaches; providing educational sessions to cover the issues and concerns regarding pool management, aquatic risk management, and lifeguarding; presenting on key aquatic topics; and producing publications, books, and DVDs to add to expound on these key topics.

We also provide references to aquatic products and links to help you manage the risks at your pool or beach as well as to find out more about organizations that provide water activities and certifications.

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New! The Mindful Lifeguard. Mindfulness and educational audio tracks for lifeguards at no cost.

Must see LIFEGUARD BLINDNESS VIDEO (CQLB) streaming On-Demand or DVD!


L4L: Look for Life™- Quick Guide


Lifeguard Blindness: Mental and Visual Challenges to Seeing and Perceiving

Lifeguard Blindness


In-service, In depth

DVDs for llifeguard in-service training. Topics Include: Challenges in victim recognition, strategies to maintain vigilance on-duty, and Shallow Water Blackout. Aquatic Safety Research Group Water Safety Videos

The Five Minute Scanning Strategy, Shallow Water Blackout, Disappearing Dummies, and The Supervision Myth.

Water Safety Awareness...

ASRG's National Note & Float™ Program!

NEW! Note and Float Life Jacket Fund donates life jackets to swimming pools for the Note & Float program!

NF guyNote & Float is a FREE National Lifesaving program to reduce risk of drowning at aquatic facilities. Life jackets float, non-swimmers don't!

Note & Floater pools swim test patrons, "note" swimmers and non-swimmers with a wristband and require non-swimmers wear Note & Floatlifejackets.

Note & Float Facts:

  • Note & Float jump starts the learn-to-swim process
  • Helps children become more comfortable in the water
  • Reduces water rescues at facilities
  • Increases swim lesson enrollment
  • Enables more children to enjoy the water and have more fun, safely AND
  • Encourages parents to become Note & Floaters!

Buckle-up for safety in the car and buckle-up children in lifejackets whenever water is not too far!

Note & Float Kids Coloring Sheet  Note & Float Postcard for ParentsAll free materials can be tailored to fit your Note & Floating needs. Please contact

Shallow Water Blackout

Anyone who practices competitive, repetitive underwater breath-holding, from children to Navy SEALs, is at risk for Shallow Water Blackout. Simply don't do it!

ABC for Shallow Water Blackout (SWB): breath-holding guideline on a continuum - from safer through more risky breath-holding activities/training. ABC for SWB.pdf

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention


ASRG's Rachel Griffiths receives honor as Aquatic International Power 10 Advocate! Click here to read more.

Five Minute Scanning Strategy for Lifeguarding